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The Student Marketing Association is SFU’s creative and innovative marketing-based student organization. Our focus is to bring together like-minded individuals who are interested in exploring the different areas of marketing and are seeking to gain experience and skills through the various opportunities we offer. On a wider spectrum, SMA is also committed to connecting you with the marketing industry through our signature events and business development department where you will be able to network with professionals, and work with local businesses.

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Are you interested in marketing and want to explore the facets of this industry? Do you want to develop marketing skill sets? Are you unsure of whether to pursue a career in marketing? Whatever your questions may be, we have the answers. Your first step is to engage with SMA!


The opportunities are endless at SMA. Every semester, we hire new coordinators for the various departments. You can also engage by participating in our signature events and learn more about marketing, attend agency tours to experience the ‘real world’ or attend workshops to learn new skills.

Experiencing Marketing

At the end of everything and through your involvement with SMA, we are confident that you will experience marketing. We are continuously improving our programs with the feedback we receive from students and professionals to ensure the best learning.

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Being part of the SMA Business Development program has made me realize that I can discover and apply skills that we don’t practice in class, to actual businesses in my community. I have learned to work efficiently with a team towards a common goal, devise an organized marketing plan, and improve my communication skills with my peers, my account, as well as with the rest of the members in the Business Development program. I have learned a lot about improving my own skills, as well as working with others, but most importantly, SMA has reminded me to set bigger goals for yourself, because the extent of your knowledge and capabilities are endless!

Giselle Quon

My position as this summer’s social media coordinator allowed me to gain useful knowledge and experience in the utilization of online platforms. Being able to present the various sides of SMA (via Facebook and Instagram) has taught me so much more than I had anticipated!

Stephanie Lim Social Media Coordinator

My experience so far as a communications coordinator has been amazing! I currently blog about fashion, travel and lifestyle on Ko-morebi, therefore the transition to blog for the student marketing association felt like second nature. With the remainder of the year ahead of me, I’m excited to see what information we can relay to the student community.

Charmyn Chan Communications Coordinator

Getting the opportunity to be involved in an SMA project has been valuable experience because I got to apply skills and knowledge hands on, working directly with Alta Vista Animal Hospital. The project manager position helped develop my organization, strategy, management, and communication skills as leading a group of unique individuals requires taking strategic approaches and actions towards achieving a goal as a team. Also I have learned a lot and met great people along the way!

Mariya Chekanovych Business Development Project Manager

It has been an unforgettable opportunity to meet the other inspiring people that have similar goals and dreams. The leaders are enthusiastic about passing down their knowledge, and really work on helping each of us grow as professional individuals. I feel privileged to be working with real companies based in Vancouver, and know that the experience I have gained will stay with me as I take my next steps into my career

Breanna Nathorst Business Development Project Member

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Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better…

Do you remember when you’ve come up with something, and you know (think) it’s going to be the greatest thing ever? Because I do. And I also remember when someone decides to take that thing, and calls it their own. It’s heartbreaking, diminishing, and bad for your social health. But what happens when someone does […]

The Unofficial Business Event Guide

So you’ve got Marketing In Focus coming up. It’s your first business event, or it’s your first important one that you want to leave a good impression in. You’ve paid for this event, and you want to get something useful out of it, not just some food and social media posts to make you look […]

Meet Sho! Our Fall 2015 Communications Coordinator!

Hello SFU, I’m Sho! I am the new Communications Coordinator for SMA! I hope all of you are having a great Fall semester!   I’m really excited to be in this position, and being a part of SMA!   So, here’s a little bit about me.   This is my first semester at SFU, however, […]

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