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Hello! My name is Charmyn Chan, a first year student at Simon Fraser University. This year I will be acting as the communications coordinator by writing articles that relate to students, lifestyle and entertainment.

The lowdown:

Why SMA?
I joined SMA because marketing is a concentration I wish to pursue, and this club also presents  opportunities to work with clients outside of school which helps in gaining experience. I also enjoy SMA’s creative minds, and the continuous motivational feeling to improve.

What I hope to learn
As a communications coordinator I want to develop my vocabulary and discover what type of posts engages students. With this position I will be able to focus on consistency and keeping up with trends that appeal to the marketing sector.

Why I applied to be the communications coordinator?
Aside from raising my gpa from the dead, club activities and getting enough sleep, I run a personal blog (Ko-morebi) where I dabble in fashion, lifestyle and travel, therefore it felt synonymous to apply.

What interests me?
As cliche as it sounds I am enthusiastic about fashion and the visual arts (specifically photography). Growing up, I’ve always wanted to excel in math or science, but as it turns out fashion was my appreciation in life when it had been for anything else. I remember being the girl who took her “point and shoot” camera everywhere she went, always capturing the moment but never committing to anything serious. Photography was never something I planned on pursuing, it was just a couple of friends and I documenting moments together. We experienced rooftop picnics, raiding department stores to see who could create the most ridiculous outfits, to late night coffee runs.

Photography seemed to capture it all.

I don’t know why a fifteen year old would carry a camera around, yet I did it. Whenever I got home I would always upload pictures onto iPhoto and start the process. The feeling of editing a photo and stopping right when you finish to admire the work you created; it was immensely satisfying, the notion of calling some creation as yours. With that I began to change – my entire style changed. Eventually, it lead to someone saying “hey have you ever wanted to blog?” and with that I was set. The person I am today, perhaps still not seriously committed to anything, but always focused on documenting that moment.


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