Meet Sho! Our Fall 2015 Communications Coordinator!

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Hello SFU, I’m Sho! I am the new Communications Coordinator for SMA! I hope all of you are having a great Fall semester!


I’m really excited to be in this position, and being a part of SMA!


So, here’s a little bit about me.


This is my first semester at SFU, however, it’s my fourth year in university (one year at Capilano University, and two years at Thompson Rivers University). This is also my first semester in the Communications Program. Previous to this, I had been in the Bachelor of Business Administration program, planning to major in marketing. So why make the switch? I have always been curious about writing, media, and marketing; having been accepted into the School of Communication, I decided to make the switch. And because of all of the business courses I’ve taken, I am looking to pursue the Business and Communication Joint Major!


One of my goals after coming back to Vancouver, and starting at a new school, was to get involved as much as I could. I saw the SMA booth at Club Days at the start of semester, and I met Josh, one of our VPs of Marketing. He sold me on the idea of what kinds of things I could be apart of! And I’m hoping to use this as a great learning experience, an opportunity to meet amazing people, and most importantly, to be a involved with the student community at SFU!


I realized a few years ago that music was one thing I had a passion for. Growing up, I had played soccer and hockey, gone through phases what was “cool” and “not cool” to me, and what stuck through all of my growth was music. Sure, tastes of music change. But it didn’t matter what I was listening to. I had a passion of the art. I had played the alto sax back in elementary school (way back), and honestly, I’m still wondering why I stopped. Last year I traded in my sax for a guitar, in hopes to get back into playing an instrument. But teaching yourself how to play a brand new instrument, I found out, is a difficult task! Nonetheless, I love my guitar, and I wish I had more time to seriously learn how to play.


Another big part of my life is traveling. I have been to eight different countries, and I’m always seeking for any change in order to go on my next adventure! My latest trip was spending five weeks back in Japan to visit my family. In July 2014, I was lucky enough to travel to Brazil for two weeks with one of my closest friends. I highly recommend to anyone to venture to both countries if you get a chance! If I had to pick one country to travel to next, I would want to go to the Netherlands, or Germany. I really want to explore Europe (don’t most of us?), but those are two countries that seem too cool not to check out.


Now that you’ve gotten to know me, and a bit of what I like, I’m looking forward in potentially meeting some of you around campus!


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