Alpacalyfe Apparel

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Alpacalyfe Apparel is a small business that imports blankets and sweaters and other goods from Ecuador. We are looking for motivated students to work directly with the owner to increase social media awareness and develop traffic to website. We want to identify and reach out to key influencers, bloggers, and small privately owned fashion/home decor businesses that would be interested in working with our business (spreading our content that you will help create). We are also open to brainstorming with students and using their ideas to help create a marketing strategy to generate more sales. We are a brand that focuses on a positive, outdoor lifestyle and we are looking for likeminded students to help us. Check out our website and instagram for more

Check out more at

Instagram: @alpacalyfe_apparel


Number of Positions Available:

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 2 Project Members


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